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Somos La Primera Cámara de Comercio Cosmetología y Belleza del los Estado Unidos

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  • Obtenga Licencias de                  Negocios de su Estado
  • Renovación de Licencias
  • No encuentra su diploma ,          y su escuela no existe,               llamamos para ayudarlos
  • Guía de Regulaciones de su       estado para no tener sumo.       Gratis!


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  • EIN Number
  • Plan de Negocios
  • Marketing & Social Media
  • Préstamo de Banco
  • Contrato para su negocios       y empleados de Gratis!
  • Seguro
  • Consulta una ha una de              Gratis!



Charito Cisneros


Charito Cisneros es maestra de Cosmetología y consultora de belleza por más de 35 años. Ha ayudado a muchos estudiantes, profesores y profesionales de la belleza a obtener sus licencias, abrir sus negocios, y resolver problemas tan significativos que han afectado sus negocios. 
Charito Cisneros es una líder comunitaria quien ha recibido numerosas Proclamas y Reconocimientos de diferentes oficinas de Gobierno de EEUU tales como ‘The American Red Cross in Greater New York’s Diversity Award’, ‘Citation of Merit for President of the Borough of the Bronx’, ‘Commendation for City of New York office of the Comptroller’, ‘Citation for New York State Assembly Puerto Rican/Hispanic Task Force’, y por segundo año consecutivo obtuvo el ‘Minority Small Business Champion of the Year’, entre muchos. Ha participado en numerosas paradas y desfiles como Invitada Especial y Madrina Internacional de diferentes comunidades latinas.
Charito Cisneros es una fuerte y exitosa mujer latina quien continuará ayudando a otras personas a que vivan su sueño Americano.

Founder/ Executive Director

Rommy Pennella

SBA Women in Business Winner

Rommy Pennella graduated from Fordham University with honors and received a leadership award for her commitment and leadership among her peers. She proceeded to work for Kraft Foods in the product development dept. and Ogilvy & Mather as a media planner for IBM. She was inspire by her mom to open up the first Cosmetology & Beauty Chamber of Commerce. Rommy believe this was a great concept to bring her business skills and assist the Latino community with opportunities to understand how to open up a business, and to learn what are the skills and resources needed to become successful. She also assists in developing new products, marketing and social media through one to one consultation or workshops. She also taught at Lehman College Higher Continuing Education courses on “How to open and operate a salon”, “marketing” as well as how to create your own “business plan”. She very committed to her members, she offers them her free time to visit the salon and advises them with operational, financial, and compiling with state rules and regulations. Rommy’s greatest satisfaction is to see her members to become motivated and empower themselves, to ultimately become successful business owner. She also initiated the Beauty Business Program for single moms. She realized many young single moms needs to become motivated and empower herself and demonstrate opportunities that are available to them in the beauty industry to become successful. Through this program many young mom are now working for beauty companies, became celebrity Make Up artists, open their first beauty salon and recently some was hired for the Latin Billboard. She was honor on many parades as an honor guest; she also was interview by Telemundo and Univision. She received multi awards including Proclamation of the city, Citations, and the Small Business Award Women Champion of the Year. She was a commissioner to the Red Tape Commision for the New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer. Rommy ultimate goals are to inspire people by making them believe that they can accomplish anything they want, and it’s never to late to reach out your dreams.

License Specialist

Ileana Beltran

Esthetician Licensed Teacher for over 10 years. Graduate with advance skin care. Business Management Degree