NY Hispanic Cosmetology & Beauty

Chamber of Commerce 

        (La Camara de Cosmetologia y Belleza de NY)

      International Beauty Chamber of Commerce now serve you in
  CT, NJ, FL, CA, PA



Why Join this Chamber?

The benefits of our Chamber services are really amazing. Our Chamber membership portrays credibility, trust, and stability to our customers and will open many paths too many deals and contracts. That can help your business grow through the power of our services.

The Chamber offers beauty companies the opportunity to participate at different levels of membership services according to their business needs. Higher tier Beauty services that offer more exclusive opportunities. Shown down below


With local and international beauty business entrepreneur's and leaders at intimate invitation only events.

  Attend Major events 

And hear from top speakers on issues impacting the beauty businesses.


with successful beauty entrepreneurs, elected officials and policymakers.

Receive targeted marketing opportunities

Such as complimentary fliers and business cards.

Work with us

to develop an annual engagement plan and strategy to reach your top prospects and build business connections throughout the Beautiful world.

Become a Beauty Member. Call us at


to set up an appointment.