📷The NY Hispanic Cosmetology & Beauty Chamber of Commerce PHONE 718-614-7112E‐mail: nycosmetologycc@nycosmetologychamber.org Website: www.nycosmetologychamber.org

Corporate Sponsorship OpportunitiesBe part of the First Hispanic Cosmetology & Beauty Chamber of Commerce and join other leading companies by taking an active role to educate and promote Hispanic small business and help them thrive in this competitive industry. This is an opportunity to showcase your company and its services and product lines to an extensive network of appearance enhancement professionals, including: business owners, technicians, educational institutions, cosmetology students and many more. The potential for new clients and product growth is immeasurable. The NYHCBCC continues to seek and welcome corporate sponsors and participants that share our goals in strengthening and promoting our appearance enhancement industry. At the core of our Chamber’s mission is the value placed on fostering and securing long term success for our members.The New York Hispanic Cosmetology and Beauty Chamber of Commerce offers:

  • Exposure to a growing membership base that believes in the integrity of products endorsed by the Chamber
  • A unique and targeted demographic within the Latino community
  • Partnering and hosting promotional events and seminars
  • Promotional opportunities, including media coverage and exposure
  • Potential growth and expansion of services and product lines
  • The opportunity to market to other businesses who are interested in carrying your product line(s) or utilizing your services and much more...

Beauty Gala of Excelente please contact 914-708-7656

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Sponsorship Opportunities

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